Cylindrical Boller Bearing

The rolling element is a radial rolling bearing of cylindrical rollers. The internal structure of cylindrical roller bearings adopts a parallel arrangement of rollers, with spacing retainers or isolation blocks installed between the rollers to prevent tilting or friction between the rollers, effectively preventing an increase in rotational torque.

The cylindrical roller and raceway are linear contact bearings. It has a large load capacity and mainly bears radial loads. The rolling element has little friction with the retaining edge of the ring, making it suitable for high-speed rotation. According to the presence or absence of retaining edges on the ring, there are single row cylindrical roller bearings such as NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF, and double row cylindrical roller bearings such as NNU and NN. This bearing is a separable structure with inner and outer rings.

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Cylindrical Boller Bearing


1. The roller and raceway are in line contact or repaired line contact, with a large radial bearing capacity, suitable for bearing heavy loads and impact loads.

2. The friction coefficient is small, suitable for high speeds, and the maximum speed is close to that of deep groove ball bearings.

3. N-type and NU type can move axially and adapt to changes in the relative position between the shaft and the casing caused by thermal expansion or installation errors. They can be used as free end supports.

4. The machining requirements for the shaft or seat hole are high, and the relative deviation of the outer ring axis after bearing installation should be strictly controlled to avoid contact stress concentration.

5. The inner or outer ring can be separated for easy installation and disassembly.

Product features:
The cylindrical roller is in linear contact with the raceway and has a large radial load capacity. Suitable for withstanding heavy loads and impact loads, as well as high-speed rotation.

The raceway and rolling element of cylindrical roller bearings have a geometric shape. After improved design, it has a high load-bearing capacity. The new structural design of the retaining edge and roller end face not only enhances the axial load-bearing capacity of the bearing, but also improves the lubrication conditions in the contact area between the roller end face and the retaining edge, thereby enhancing the performance of the bearing.


1. The N0000 type without retaining edge on the outer ring and the NU0000 type without retaining edge on the inner ring are cylindrical roller bearings that can accept large radial loads, have high limit speeds, do not restrict the axial displacement of the shaft or shell, and cannot accept axial loads.

2. NJ0000 and NF0000 cylindrical roller bearings with retaining edges on both the inner and outer rings can constrain axial displacement in one direction of the shaft or shell, and can accept smaller unidirectional axial loads. NU0000+HJ0000, NJ0000+HJ0000, and NUP0000 bearings can constrain axial displacement in both directions of the shaft or shell within the axial clearance field of imported bearings, and can accept smaller bidirectional axial loads.

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